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Pick up that penny!

Let’s say you get paid $5.00 a day for everyday you are alive. And different discretions cost you against your daily balance. Some things cost more than others but each day you know what you have done right from wrong. If you were an Angel the $5.00 went into you life account. If you weren’t the person you could have been, or tore something down when you could have built something up, well it could be costly at midnight. Because at the end of each day you rebalance. Understanding there will be people that have large numbers in their life accounts throughout their lives. While others carry a negative balance and can never have a positive balance.  Now on the day you die you cash in. And if you have the right amount of money in your life account, bam you can buy your way into eternal life.  What if you were one cent short?  Bend over and pick up that penny it makes Cents!

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