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New Years Money Bowl

I have done this for many years and must admit that big or small it has worked. It doesn't hurt to try so give it a whirl and 365 days later look back on your life to see if it worked for you. On New Years Eve, preferably before sundown - I usually do it by four o'clock PM - collect as much pocket change as you have lying around. Try to get at least one of each coin, a penny, nickel, dime and quarter, of course the more coins the merrier! Take this pocket change and place it in a ceramic bowl, size does NOT matter. Once the pocket change has been placed in the ceramic bowl take the bowl and place it outside your REAR door. I suppose that if you don't have a rear door a side door should suffice. BE SURE TO DO THIS BEFORE SUNDOWN. Once placed just leave the bowl there for the remainder of the night, preferably for 24 hours. On New Years Day retrieve your ceramic bowl, preferably at least 24 hours after placing it there the night before.


Now for the "WHY". It may be an 'Old Wives Tale' or simply something someone made up. Regardless of it's origin it has worked for us every year. By placing the coin bowl outside your back door you are assuring yourself that you will not be wanting for money throughout the year 2020. No, you may not win the lottery or have huge piles of money dropped at your feet but you will NEVER be wanting for money.

Again, I am not saying that this will make you rich, not by any means. Then again, miracles DO happen. By placing the coin bowl outside your back door you're simply asking that you will never be NEEDING money throughout the new year 2021. Good luck to all who try.

Worked for LeeAnn and I


Happy Holidays Days!

ChrisP60, LeeAnn and Huckleberry

The LuckyPenny Guy

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