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My love affair with the Peanut

My love for the peanut came at 14 years old. Sam Houston Barcat baseball game, Huntsville Texas. I would go and watch the college baseball games from the 3rd baseline outside the fence. Don't remember what a ticket was but the game was just as good from my little grassy 3rd baseline seat then a real seat.

Before this one particular game the score keeper asked if I could help with the scoreboard. He said his help was unavailable to attend and he would give me all the soda water and peanuts I could drink and eat if i couldgive him a hand. Didn't care about the pop and peanuts as much as how cool it will be to help run the scoreboard. At the end of the game I must confess to being a little embarrassed about the size of my peanut shell pile vis his. From that day one I always have fresh peanuts at a baseball game and around the house.

Now 45 years later I still like a good peanut.

La Milpa is our favorite place in the grand valley for tortillas and yes PEANUTS!

In the summer they roast chilies

The other 10 months they roast fresh Mexican peanuts.

The absolute best fresh roasted peanuts in Colorado, no salt needed.

Something about sitting back with a nice drink and shelling peanuts reminds me of that one baseball game that started my love for peanuts.

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