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LuckyPenny Drop Day

Trying to get exercises everyday even if it is just a walk downtown.

LuckyPenny has many therapeutic advantages when it comes to my health.

I have been really struggling the last six months with back issues. Get one thing fixed only to find another issues. So today I gave it my best effort to walk and drop as many LuckyPennies as possible. Made it down 2.5 blocks and back. Good news? 96 people will find a LuckyPenny today. My wish is each LuckyPenny brings so e luck to those who find one. We could use some luck right? Well if you are in Grand Junction Colorado today and in that 2.5 block area you have an excellent chance of finding a St. Patrick's Day LuckyPenny.

Remember Americans toss or lose $63 MILLION DOLLARS IN PENNIES every year!

Bend over and pick up that penny, it makes Cents!

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