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I met a man.

On a cool crisp Sunday morning my photography spirit say go shot the morning moon. Well the morning was really something spectacular with no wind or clouds in the sky, only Colorado blue as far as the morninglight let you see. Failing to get a decent moon photograph at several of my favorite places on the Colorado National Monument I gave it one last attempt at Artist Point pull off. Scouting out a place to get a good shot at the moon a voice in the still said "Good Morning, it's a beautiful sunrise this morning!" Looking out of the corner of my left eye I could see to gentleman gazing the canyon below.

With in only seconds the young man started coming my way saying something about being up on the monument in the morning with a full moon. He caught me off guard and as I turned to reply something wasn't making sense in my mind. The man walked with a white cane. Slapping it back and forth as he approached me. At my side he turned back to the view and sad "Incredible, isn't it!" You could tell from his voice he meant every word.

I had to ask, "Are you blind or sight limited?"

He replied "To you I am blind, can't see shit!" with a little laugh as he said it. "I have been without sight sense 12 from an infection but I can see without my eyes" and smiled. "There are no clouds this morning, the temperature is close to 40 degrees, there is a bright full moon to the west and the warm morning sun to the east, a deep canyon in front of us that goes all the way to the grand valley below."

"My name is Rob you, and you are?"

We shook hands and he told me his parents bring him up here so he can gaze at valley and the grand Mesa.

Robby made my day, and I believe he knew it.

We exchanged phone numbers because he said and I quoted "I will be happy to tag along with you to shot photographs, call me!"

I met a man!

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