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C. R. P. S.

2015 I truly believed people would give me their unwanted US Cents or pennies. After all Americans toss out $63 million dollars in pennies every year according to the US Treasury department. Natural I believed nobody wanted pennies so they would give them to me for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Research. Wrong, still easier to toss them than give them away.

I still believe that $63 million dollars in research could be a game changer to those in constant and horrific pain.

Please don't throw money out!

Donate those pennies to a worthy group.

Bend over and pick up that penny it makes Cents!

Today I challenge you to find all the loose change in your house and automobile. Count it up and do something epic with it! You will truly be amazed how much money you have just laying around the house. Then Pay it forward! Help a friend! Donate it!

Wishing you all the best day possible today!


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