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Today we fight!

Behind the white duct tape is the main entrance to the Birdland Hotel, bar and grill.

Unfortunately the hotel has become overwhelmed with wasps. You know those nasty yellow jackets. Yeppers those bastards.

The Birdland Hotel is for birds, hello!

At first I just blocked the entrance.

But they found another way in so it became a chemical thing, Deep Woods Off. It was close and sounded good at the time. We after the swarm (I don't want to talk about that) I upgraded to actual wasp spray. Bingo!

Giving the inside a generous coating of wasp killer the duct tape seal went back in place.

Yellow jackets tomb!

Don't know if anything can live in there now.

Might be time to remodel, but I think we will wait till after the war is over.

P. S. I'm going to change this web site

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



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