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How it all got started with LuckyPenny

About Us

In 1989 the doctors told me that I had Reflex Sympathetic Sympathy.

1993 the name was changed to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS

In 2014 had to quit work becuse of the CRPS and Head, neck and throat Cancer.

The doctors told my wife and I it was time.

Warning us again there was no cure and limited research for the CRPS and the cancer fight was not going to be easy.

Walking out of the doctor's office there was a bright shinny penny on the ground. I couldn't pick it up. Asking my wife to pick it up she said, "Maybe this is the Lucky Penny that will find a cure for this crap!"

A few days later in therapy I was stamping leather and the idea of stamping "LUCKY" on that penny came to mind.

So, I started stamping pennies for therapy.

Now some 70 thousand since. 

Today I still fight CRPS and some other health issues, but it is what it is and we move on.

I try to stamp around 10 thousand a year and drop them all for others to find.

Hopefully bring a smile or maybe a little luck...

You never know where you will find one.

Each are limited edition like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Ground Hogs Day, Bare Foot Day, Nation Cherrie Pie Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Back to School and more that my mind just can't think of right now.

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Who is ChrisP60, The LuckyPenny Guy?

Not only is ChrisP a bad speller, he behaves in a manner not typically considered normal. His interests do not align with those that are typically considered normal; essentially ChrisP who speaks, thinks, and acts in such a way that he tends to come off as "weird" to most other people, as well as being perceived as "unusual" or "bizarre" but is indeed strongly motivated by curiosity, he is a idealistic who wants to make the world a better place and the people in it happier and believes he can do just that."

Right from the Doctors mouth.

"ChrisP kind of likes his depression and has come to embrace it like other brilliant people: past, present, and future. They used it to their advantage! Keep in mind some of the greatest people in the world have done some of the greatest things with their mental illness raging. One of his heroes, Leonardo Da Vinci clearly was bi-polar and his ideas were far ahead of his time. Nikola Tesla, a famous mathematical genius and electrical engineer, suffered from OCD, and his over analytical mind helped him do his work. Do what you love till this gray time passes. And it will.

Until then enjoy knowing you are surrounded by some damn good company."


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